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Although it is only necessary to be in the room where the transmissions are being played on your computer or television in order to get benefit from them, the effect is stronger when you are sitting directly in front of the screen. The most effective of all is to look directly at the screen. (This applies even if the “viewer” is blind!)


Each human being is totally unique; even identical twins have differences! There can, therefore, never be a general prescribed dosage. I can only give this one tip: Should heat, which you will perceive as extremely localised fever-like symptoms, be generated, then let the dosage be sufficient for that day. This “heat” is generated by large volumes of toxins being returned to unformed energy.
As soon as the initial, intense detoxification is passed, the fine clearing, which is normally below the threshold of human perception, begins. At this stage, you will experience that you can increase the daily dosage without difficulty. The steady dissolution of the remaining toxins brings with it a rapidly growing clarity.

If you are dealing with someone who, at present, is unable to express themselves (e.g. autism or Alzheimer’s) then let one transmission per day for the first week suffice, two per day for the second week, three per day for the third week, etc.. It is better to work slower than may be possible rather than to overstrain them. More haste = less speed!


Feel free to use as many transmissions as you wish in each session; there are no compatibility problems. Just watch out for fever like symptoms.
The Clearing Transmissions and the Healing Transmissions can be mixed together with no problems whatsoever. How many and how often is up to you: When you lie flat on your back with intense detoxification symptoms, then you know that you have exceeded your maximum tolerance for that day.

Part 1: The Brain in your Head.

What benefits can “normal” people expect?

A good “blow through” which will clean not only your brain but also all of the vital glands within it; the hypothalamus which controls the entire hormone system, the pituitary which controls intelligence, perception and clarity and all others. The cleaning will bring them back into proper function.
Further, the hind brain is where destructive emotions such as anger are often stored. Blowing these away will bring further clarity.

User Reports:

So far, only a few days after the first DVDs have been delivered to their new owners, there are very few results reported.
One is from a woman who has a great deal of heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, etc.) in her brain. On the first day, she experienced the “fever effect” but only in her brain!! It didn’t even spread to her neck.
Other people, who didn’t have so much toxic metal in their brain have experienced a gentle breeze through their head and a growing clarity.


This is where I actually began with this work.


The initial impulse which lead to the Clearing Transmissions is the enormous numbers of vaccine damaged children (some of whom are now vaccine damaged adults).
Dis-eases such as autism, ALS, ADHD, multiple sclerosis and many, many more are without question the direct effects of the mercury, aluminium and many other toxic materials included in the so called vaccines. As the numbers of “vaccines” has risen, we see a directly parallel increase in these “vaccine damage” illnesses.

It is not only in the brain but also in the spinal cords (all 3 of them) that these poisonous materials accumulate and do enormous damage. Additionally, “poisoning information” is contained in every vaccine. It is an unavoidable aspect of the way in which vaccines are manufactured that they all contain the energetic “blueprint” of the illness they are supposed to prevent (but actually spread).
It was, for example, this poisonous information in the polio vaccine which, following the third vaccination, my lower back and leg partially paralysed. Since removing this information with the help of the Spinal Cord Transmission, my legs have finally begun to normalise themselves.
As influenza is a fear detoxification, the vaccine contains fear information and makes people anxious. You can read more on this in my book “The Flu Fairy Tale”.

So, the problem confronting us is not merely to remove toxic materials but also poisonous information from the human systems. As all biological systems respond first to informational energy and only later to physical materials, you can, therefore, of course, grasp how important this is.

Some of the other methods of removing these poisonous metals from the human body are also very effective. The best of these known to me has been developed by a German researcher but is banned both for sale and for usage throughout N. America precisely because it is so effective. Others such as chelation are both difficult to use and can have very serious side-effects.
For families on low income (often the case with severely disabled children to care for) most of the alternatives are, for financial reasons, simply not possible. Additionally, there is the problem that the toxic materials are removed but the poisoning information is not!
At this moment, I do not know of any other method to dissolve the poisonous information structures.
The combination of the more gentle herbal detoxifications combined with the clearing transmissions for the head brain and spinal cords is the procedure which I would recommend. The transmissions alone will do the job but will not, of course, replace the minerals which the heavy metals have destroyed. The herbal remedies will do this.

One also needs to look into the mouth:
If amalgam tooth fillings are present, these must be replaced with ceramic or other non-toxic materials otherwise mercury will be constantly transported from the mouth into the brain.

So much for the well-spring of the development.

This brings me to the other end of the chain -

the older people who, through the combination of mercury poisoning and unprocessed anger, have developed Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

If you dissolve both then the “dis-eases” should disappear.
This will shortly be tested.


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