As has so often happened throughout mankind’s history, there occurs a sudden moment of “enlightenment” through which years of research suddenly bears fruit.

My “moment of Enlightenment” came in the highlands of Panama in February 2011. The Panamanian highlands are one of the very few intact remains of Atlantis.

As I looked into the heights and depths of this mountainous land where, from the deepest valley to the highest mountain peak the entire land is fruitful.....

It is there that I saw the wave of eternal renewal.

Amongst healers and similar professionals it has long been an article of faith that old age is simply a bad habit.

Even Prof. Bruce Lipton PhD has often stated that from his point of view (he is one of the World’s leading cell biologists), the human body is designed to remain youthfully active for many hundreds of years.

Something is perturbing the normal cell renewal and causing new cells to be degenerate compared to the previous generation.

What is the cause of this perturbation and how can it be removed?

Many, many researchers have concerned themselves with this question over many hundreds of years but to very little effect.

In order to understand what the natural renewal process is, it is necessary to know that every cell in your body is regularly replaced according to natural programmes. Every six weeks, for example, you have a completely new liver. Bones can take somewhat over two years for every call to be replaced. There is, however, no cell in your body now which is more than three years old!

That which became clear to me in the mountains of Panama is that it is the daily traumas which each of us experiences (a typical city dweller will experience, on average, a mini-trauma every 2 ½ minutes) and which never get properly processed and released which insinuate themselves into the cell information systems where they are the direct cause of the degeneration of the cell structure.

Up until now, no-one has taught or given us any techniques to remove the traumas so that the cell renewal could return to its original perfection.

The effect of the rising amount of trauma information in the cell systems is that the original cell information will be so skewed that it will no longer be possible for your body to produce viable cells. This is what allopathic medicine calls “The Aging Process” at the completion of which you receive the opportunity to begin planning your next incarnation.

The medical belief that regeneration is not possible is based purely upon their skewed procedures by which only the effects (symptoms) of a problem are attacked and the problem itself is left untouched and will, obviously, express itself elsewhere.

The rejuvenation is a 24 week programme which includes a series of videos of mounting intensity.

It is vital, also for the personal safety of the user, that the videos be used exactly according to the prescribed programme. We have often noticed that some people will avoid the preparation videos and go straight to the most powerful which, in this case, could have serious consequences. I have, therefore, decided to make only the first of the videos available online for free and to make the entire programme only available on DVD.
It is already possible to pre-order the DVDs which will be available during September. The order link is in the right hand column of this webpage.


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