Why now Karma Singh TV?

When we began the first experiments with the Healing Transmissions in March 2010 no-one could have foreseen that there would quickly be so many of them that it would be necessary to catalogue them all into one place. There have been times when even I have had difficulties in finding videos that I knew I had recorded!

Perhaps you have arrived at this website without knowing any of the history. Here is how it all began:-

In October 1993 the german Medical Doctor and healer Professor Eli Erich Lasch took part in a live television experiment in which he gave a mass healing to the German people. This produced so many thousands of positive experiences and reports that the Medical Association in Berlin called an emergency meeting to revoke his licence. Shortly afterwards, the very popular “Schrinemakers” programme which had organised the experiment was completely cancelled.

We must look at this within the context of the circumstances prevailing at that time: Until we won the test case in the Federal Constitutional Court in March 2004, healing had been treated as a crime in Germany since the time of Adolf Hitler.

I personally watched the programme in which Prof. Lasch made the experiment and I was quite impressed.

It took, however, until 2009 before the time was ripe for the next step. During the intervening years I learned a great deal of Quantum Physics, Field Theory and much else. It was this knowledge which lead me to theorise that it may be possible to record “Healing Transmissions” and to permanently position them in the Quantum Fields in such a way that anyone could trigger and receive the transmission as often as they wished simply by viewing the related video (or, with much practice, simply by imagining viewing the video).

In the autumn of 2009 I met the Editor in chief of Extremnews, an online television and independent news service.


Following much discussion and several tests, we made the first videos available which you can see here:

Part 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4

The experiment with the first “Healing Transmission” was an enormous success which was all the encouragement we needed to record and to publish a series of further videos over the ensuing months. This, in turn, lead many people to ask us if we could make the transmissions available on a DVD so that they could be viewed on a normal television set with none of the disturbances, pauses etc. usual on the internet. Many also wanted to give the videos as presents to friends and family. In September 2010 we made the first series available on a DVD. At this moment, this is only available in the german language version but we are working on the English editions (PAL and NTSC formats) and hope to have all three DVDs available in English by October.

We didn’t stop at the Healing Transmissions, however. Many other themes have been addressed during this time: The GMO problem, Fukushima and radioactivity in general, “phantom plagues” such as Swine ‘Flu and E.H.E.C. and much more.
The number of videos that we have now published is so large that I often receive requests from people who have heard that a particular video exists but cannot find it.

So here, catalogued on this website, you will find all of the videos which we have recorded to date. This website will, of course, be regularly updated as new videos are added. To receive notification of new videos, simply sign up for the newsletter by filling out the simple form in the right hand column of this page.

I wish you much joy whilst viewing.

Blessed be

Karma Singh
August 2011

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